Labour and Employment

Haim Zadok & Co.’s lawyers have broad experience in all matters related to employment and labor laws. We provide our clients, both employers and employees, with advice on ongoing employment-related matters, including preparation of employment agreements, executive compensation, consulting agreements, manpower agreements, termination and severance agreements, outsourcing agreements, non-competition and non-disclosure agreements, employee benefits plans and equity compensation plans, including options, restricted stock units and phantom stock plans, advice on employment matters for M&A and MBO transactions, adoption of HR policies and employee manuals in compliance with Israeli labor laws and regulations, employee privacy rights, labor-related IP matters, including breaches of employee non-disclosure agreements, non-competition or non-solicitation agreements and matters involving rights to inventions and patents and employment matters arising in liquidation or bankruptcy.

We represent our clients in proceedings before Labor Courts and arbitration. We work hand in hand with HR personnel in large corporations, providing legal advice and offering creative solutions and unique strategy based on each case’s specific requirements.

We provide comprehensive employee benefits and equity plans services; including planning, designing and implementing such programs for a wide variety of commercial, financial and technology companies. We prepare and file trust documents and ancillary documents related to equity plans to the Israeli Tax Authority and serve as trustees in accordance with section 102 to the Israeli Tax Ordinance. We advise clients on related issues such as vesting, cashless exercise, accelerated expiry and tax deduction rules.